Facilitator’s ABC: abundance

Cord Oliver Molthan attitude, facilitation

A = Abundance There is so much to do, says a poster of the FDP for the federal election 2021 in Germany. Probably true. There is always plenty to do, especially if you know or have mastered something. Topics are interwoven, a thought leads to an association leads to an expression of opinion and before you know it, a new …

Facilitator’s ABC: speed

Cord Oliver Molthan attitude, facilitation

S = speed I do speed! One of the five priorities for managers in the new normal is speed. Things should happen quickly, says one of the large consulting firms. The digital must be implemented quickly, resilience should be anchored quickly in the organization and among employees, new collaboration models should be developed as quickly as possible…….. . Whatever you …

The Unknown & Normality

Cord Oliver Molthan attitude, facilitation

Extraordinary events interrupt the more or less steady flow of routine work with noise. Man’s first reaction to the loud interruption is fright. This is followed by the question of how to cope with the unknown and how to reintroduce, bit by bit, tested small routines that come closer to the goal of normality desired and strived for on all …

Facilitator’s ABC: fog

Cord Oliver Molthan facilitation

F = fog Fog is a wonderful state. The world disappears and does not distract the imagination by sight. The hand in front of the eyes is just visible, then a dense wall of water droplets. Now, one can stress one’s memory when moving in familiar territory. This sometimes goes well and often one notices how the conviction to know …

4.0: hurray!

Cord Oliver Molthan industry 4.0

What you read: A company should organize optimal working conditions for work teams so that they can independently use 4.0 technologies, as well as use them effectively and in a health-conscious manner. Reality to be encountered: Coping skills in the functioning of ERP, MES, PLC et aliter are not mastered by everyone in an organization – be it plant operator …

4.0 > easy!

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What you read: A manager should promote and use the employees’ own initiative and self-organization for 4.0 processes. Just demanding this with words is not enough. A manager should create conditions that make it attractive to act independently, learn in the work process, face uncertainties, and manage the existing complexity. Reality to be encountered: Independent thinking and acting are two …

4.0 hurray!

Cord Oliver Molthan industry 4.0

What you read: The management team of an industrial company can design and use 4.0 technologies in such a way that the people involved retain control over the systems or know how the systems work and can intervene. Reality to be encountered: The shop floor escalates, managers call experts, troubleshooting begins.  

OWSP = One-way street passivity

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Television. An illuminated screen. Wo/Man gazes blissfully at the moving images. Comfort in loneliness. Variety. Entertainment. Oh, how we love the screen. The smartphone speaks to us, whisks us away to strange worlds, makes the world lie at our feet. And obeys commands. I am the mistress/master of the world on my sofa. And then suddenly I am supposed to …

Facilitator’s ABC: cohesion

Cord Oliver Molthan facilitation

V = virtual Virtuality or reality? Are we sure that these are two different things? Or are they not rather varieties of the same thing? How is it that we are so used to thinking in terms of opposites? How is it that we are always faced with the choice of two things? Either – or? Perhaps this is the …

Facilitator’s ABC: knowing for the sake of knowing

Cord Oliver Molthan facilitation

A = Agnotology The noblest form of knowledge is nonknowledge. To know that one has nonknowledge and in a quality in which one can work with nonknowledge means that one needs a considerable amount of knowledge on the subject of knowledge. Nonknowledge is hard to acquire, since knowledge is the currency with which the value of a person is determined. …

Critical Thinking

Cord Oliver Molthan attitude, leadership

The Probem Everyone thinks. It is our nature to do so. But much of our thinking, left to itself, is biased, distorted, partial, uninformed, or downright prejudiced. Yet, the quality of our life and that of what we produce, make, or build depends precisely on the quality of our thought. Shoddy thinking is costly, both in money and in quality of …

Unexamined life

Cord Oliver Molthan attitude

What does it mean to live an examined life? By John Dennis, Science and Enlightenment fan “The unexamined life is not worth living” is one of Socrates’ most famous statements from Plato’s Apology. …… In my opinion living an examined life has different meanings for each individual: For Cicero the examined life was a life rooted in honesty and serving …

Customer Experience

Cord Oliver Molthan attitude

The company is a leading global manufacturer of standard software, services and solutions. His name appears on my phone bill with a monthly amount for a service I purchased. I would like to cancel this service. The number that appears on my phone bill only gives me a busy signal when I call. The reception of the German head office …

Umdenken: complexity

Cord Oliver Molthan attitude

If complexity and uncertainty are too great for the average educated person in a responsible position, the very same person should have the idea and courage to ask someone who is familiar with the subject. Some ideas: logicians, scenario thinkers, probability calculators, philosophers, complexity researchers, design thinkers…to mention a few. They all exist. Are they heard?

Facilitator’s ABC: how to think

Cord Oliver Molthan attitude, creativity, facilitation

T = Lateral Thinking Rightness is what matters in vertical thinking. Richness is what matters in lateral thinking. Vertical thinking selects a pathway by excluding other pathways. Lateral thinking does not select but seeks to open up other pathways. With vertical thinking one selects the most promising approach to a problem, the best way of looking at a situation. With …