ICW facilitators

ICW facilitators, optimism

Organisational development & Personnel development

We design and support processes of change, transformation and further development of a company or organisation with the involvement of those involved.

We design and realise measures for the promotion and further training of employees, managers and junior managers.

We work throughout Germany and feel at home in any multinational environment.

Roles & Creability

In our areas of responsibility we take on different roles. Depending on the requirements, we may be facilitators, coaches, trainers, ideators, experience designers and advisors.

Our approach is iterative: design - implementation - evaluation - re-design. The assessment criterion is effectiveness.

As experience designers, we want the people we work with to be able to follow the path that lies ahead of them. This means that they consider the learning experiences on offer to be acceptable, relevant and effective. To achieve this, we utilise our wealth of ideas in terms of learning locations, work formats, impulses and materials.