Facilitator’s ABC: abundance

Cord Oliver Molthanattitude, facilitation

A = Abundance

There is so much to do, says a poster of the FDP for the federal election 2021 in Germany. Probably true. There is always plenty to do, especially if you know or have mastered something. Topics are interwoven, a thought leads to an association leads to an expression of opinion and before you know it, a new book has been taken from the shelf of knowledge and the first pages are already being leafed through, quoted in excerpts and given a first exchange of opinions. There is so much to do, there is so much to discover, there is so much to say and discuss.

Say those who never find an end. Say those who are still practicing grasping a topic. Say those who prefer to look at surface rather than depth, prefer to be butterflies.

The art of a facilitator lies in the ability to limit, to omit without harming the cause. Time is finite and will melt away under your hands if the work is entertaining and relevant. When everyone is involved, you can hardly say anything in your role. The concern then is to give the emerging gestalt a form that will have an impact beyond the time given to you and bring about a change in the daily lives of others.

Present, explore, sort, abstract, condense, grasp, concretize, polish, package, give, see off could be the value chain of a facilitator…….exciting!