Facilitator’s ABC: speed

Cord Oliver Molthanattitude, facilitation

S = speed

I do speed!

One of the five priorities for managers in the new normal is speed. Things should happen quickly, says one of the large consulting firms. The digital must be implemented quickly, resilience should be anchored quickly in the organization and among employees, new collaboration models should be developed as quickly as possible…….. . Whatever you do, do it quickly or you will be overtaken. This is the credo.

Let’s contrast this with an experience we have when we travel by air. Surrounded by a cabin equipped with small peepholes, we travel through the world at 800 km/h above the clouds. You take off in Seattle and land in Tokyo. The voice that greeted you on board in Seattle also greets you in Tokyo. I’ve never liked that. It always took away the anticipation of what was foreign to me. And then you get off and are in another world. But is your soul already there? Is your emotional life acclimatized?  Were the transitions rich in experience and did they sharpen your eye for the different?

Slowly is the new normal. Slowly you see the facets of what is happening. Slowly the insights about the purpose and meaning and also about the acceptance of what you do and say penetrate you. Slowly and with a lively body feeling through the effort and perseverance, you form yourself and your opinion. And even the forgetting takes place slowly, if it is then desired. Perhaps idleness is the beginning of all joy and the farewell of all vice? Do not set on speed, lean back and feel the reverberation.