Facilitator‘s ABC: Will-o’-the-wisp

Cord Oliver Molthanchange, creativity, facilitation, transformation

Isn’t it great when we are knowledgeable? We can assess and assign facts – and quickly. We are fully capable of acting and are in control of our environment. We have developed well.

The short walk to the bakery with a toddler can take half an hour – one way. Everything is new and interesting and must be looked at. What is seen causes wonder, enthusiasm, an urge to explore…… . What is, is. No classification. Only the world of feelings. We are developing.

24 degrees. A beautiful summer day. The doors to the terrace are open, revealing a view of the hilly landscape. The group’s work meanders in a demanding, lightly-defined corridor of thought. And then Stefan comes up with a will-o’-the-wisp-idea. Grand.

And now? Master or discover? And how? In what mix? With what energy? Superb.

The pulsating life on a beautiful summer day that makes the hills glow in auspicious gold.