Facilitator’s ABC: cohesion

Cord Oliver Molthanfacilitation

V = virtual

Virtuality or reality? Are we sure that these are two different things? Or are they not rather varieties of the same thing? How is it that we are so used to thinking in terms of opposites? How is it that we are always faced with the choice of two things? Either – or? Perhaps this is the school of thought of the Western world. The brave among us might dare to think in terms of as well as. That is then already a strong perturbation, the fundamental necessity of learning. But back to real and virtual. If both refer to the same thing, the same ways of thinking and behaving can be applied in both states. Then closeness would be possible in virtual space, just as well as in real space. Then cohesion would also work in both states. Why then do we read more and more about loneliness, about the lack of social glue in the world of virtual work? Is it the condition that causes this, or is the non-ability of people at the core of it, people who can’t make it work, neither in reality nor in virtuality? Only that now it is more acceptable to discuss it openly……