Facilitator’s ABC: fog

Cord Oliver Molthanfacilitation

F = fog

Fog is a wonderful state. The world disappears and does not distract the imagination by sight. The hand in front of the eyes is just visible, then a dense wall of water droplets. Now, one can stress one’s memory when moving in familiar territory. This sometimes goes well and often one notices how the conviction to know the known is subject to the exact knowledge. A wonderful state. Because now, finally, the work of groping and designing begins. Now scenarios are tinkered with and – in the truest sense of the word – checked step by step. And the longer the fog accompanies one, the more courageous the actions become: Changing direction, stopping, waiting, listening, consulting, calling and hoping for echo, walking in formation, using tactile sticks……. a veritable magic box of ideas. Fog is a fertile state for a facilitator. You just have to be able to endure it.