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You can’t hear it anymore!! Crisis, virus, pandemic……….enough is enough. And yet here the one or other thought:

Thought 1:

In recent months our attention has been focused on the way the world society and our small, individual community close to home functions. We have sensed how strong the dependencies between micro- and macrocosm are and what effect, changing one parameter, can have on an entire system. Refreshingly frightening.

Thought 2:

There has been a lot of talking and discussion in the past months. As an average well-informed citizen of education, I am concerned:

  • I am shocked by the topics that have not been discussed.
  • I am frightened by the shallow depth of the discussions.
  • I am worried by the garden fence horizon of the contributions.

Thought 3:

We want normality back. Of course normality can only be, as it was before the crisis. Because we know of no other normality. The past is the norm. Unless………… we have the imagination to collectively create a normality that has never been seen before, to consider it good and to let it see the light of day in the blink of an eye, so to speak, through collective, energetic effort. Intoxicating.

Thought 4:

Germany, the land of poets and thinkers!

Where are they all? Muzzled? Busy elsewhere? Without a platform to express opinions on? Whose thinking, my dear Germans, has really been challenged in recent months? Where did a spirit of optimism emerge? Where a thought so rich that it could inspire? Where?