Facilitator’s ABC: silence

Cord Oliver MolthanUnkategorisiert

 L = Listening

“I prefer not to tell Mr. B. that a recent study has shown that patients treated by female doctors live longer on average than those treated by male doctors. This is probably because female doctors generally talk less, express themselves more clearly and, above all, listen more and better. On average, female doctors in a trial waited three minutes before interrupting a patient. Doctors could only hold out for 47 seconds.“*

Wouldn’t it also make sense for managers to listen sometimes? Maybe employees would then survive longer while being managed.

According to my own and not representative research, an averagely educated and talented German person manages at work to remain silent for about 20 seconds when no one else in room or in his/her environment is speaking and s/he is not busy elsewhere. The averagely educated and talented Japanese person at work feels comfortable in silence for about 70 seconds.  

*From an interview with Gian Domenico Borasio, holder of the chair for palliative medicine at the University of Lausanne (Switzerland), Die Zeit, No.2, January 03, 2020, Listen up!