Public Speaking

Cord Oliver MolthanUnkategorisiert

Popular situation:

Information age, information society, flood of information. Discovering new things; learning; accumulating knowledge. Presenting data and turning it into information; conveying messages. The more the better. Speaking in front of people. Keep to the timeframe and tell everything you know. Talk fast. Buzzwords.  

Unblown resonance:

And then the listeners become restless. Their capacity to absorb has been exhausted. Thoughts drift away because the speaker tries to influence them for too long. The density of information is high and the brain can no longer keep track and process. Ears Fatigue due to the constant noise current. Tiredness creeps up. The neighbor becomes attractive. A shared joke relieves. Pressure escapes. Permanent frontal sonication condemns one to silence, an ability that is not characteristic of many people. Restlessness. Looking at the clock. Drinking something. Hoping that the redeeming sentence is said: …and finally…. .

Good ideas:

Less content. Better information architecture. Exciting cross-connections. Challenges of abstraction.

Integrate listeners. Humor. Breaks. Collective reflection. Laughter. Surprise. To be modest. Servant challenges. Lightness.