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John always searches. He searches to find another piece of the puzzle that adds something meaningful to his life. His search happens sometimes under the surface of his awareness. And sometimes he looks for things intentionally and dedicates time and energy to decipher whatever raised his interest.

Having done so for a while John has honed his approach. He has developed skills assisting him in searching, understanding and integrating.  

At the particular moment in time described hereon, John was in the company of eleven other people when something potentially meaningful appeared at the fringe of his perception.

The first sign of interest was a mounting tension in his body. He shifted his posture and his energy intensified. The observer had the impression his physical surface shrank while his mind shifted gear. When he reached virgin territory and sensed that an exciting discovery might lay ahead an imperceptible glow became visible.  

When the moment of meaningfulness appeared finally, no sound existed. No movement disturbed being in the here and now. Breathing slowed. Tranquillity. Time evaporated and space stretched its arms to be embraced. The level of connectedness and intimacy between people seemed strong and lasting. Minds were charmed, carefree and poised to admire and savour. Savour in humble harmony the intellectual beauty of the moment – co-crafted by eleven people in an average kind of room that could be anywhere.

Void? Void! A facilitator’s dream come true!