Facilitator’s ABC: diligence to perform

Cord Oliver MolthanUnkategorisiert

Z = Zeal

When meeting a group of people and setting out for a journey of discovery and learning, a facilitator never knows what will happen. Asking a simple question early in the morning helps to get a first glimpse into the unknown. The question for example could be: Who of you is here by his or her own free will? The result is sometimes stunning: out of 12 possible answers, 11 might say: Not me.

And then the day begins and you are faced with a chemical challenge. How to deal with an inert mass – left alone a mass that objects? Do I want to and am I able to administered the required level of energy to move the client mass in front of me? And which element shall I target for movement? Do I target mind, perception, attention, awareness, sociability………? So many options.

Whichever choice you make, the most intriguing thing is that you advance and see it through. If done with good humor, dedication and by generating desired results in the end, you might want to pause and think about yourself for a moment. I guess the insight is, that deep down at the bottom of your professional attitude you have an enthusiastic diligence to perform. Zeal.