Customer Experience

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  • Company: US American manufacturer of PC
  • Interaction point: Customer service representative for private customers
  • Statement: Customer wishes are not foreseen in our customer service process.
  • Company: German state owned company for passenger transportation
  • Interaction point: Representative at counter in a Central stattion
  • Statement: We only believe you – customer – and your request if you can prove to us that we did something wrong. How you are going to manage that, I do not care.
  • Company: French run Hotel in the City Centre of Paris close to Metro Opéra
  • Interaction point: Owner at reception
  • Statement: After complaining that there lives a mouse in the room the owner looked at the cat behind him saying: Looks Iike you did not do your job properly, bad girl!
  • Company: Dealership of a very large German car manufacturer
  • Interaction point: Sales representative for used cars
  • Statement: Well, when you left here everything was ok. So you could have done anything to create this damage. Difficult to believe you. You know what my boss is going to say….
  • Company: German owned bank headquartered in Frankfurt am Main
  • Interaction point: Customer agent in a branch in Düsseldorf
  • Statement: This is how the bank lists you and I cannot change this; I don’t think we will move forward on this matter; here is the number of the team you can call
  • Company: Dealership of a very large German car manufacturer
  • Interaction point: Switch board
  • Statement: I will let the service desk know that your matter is very urgent; … took 3 hours before the dealership reacted to the urgent matter…..