Facilitator’s ABC: reward

Cord Oliver MolthanUnkategorisiert

P = Perfectionism

Perfectionism is possible. Perfectionism is impossible. Perfectionism is an individual perception.

Perfectionists set their own standards and stretch very much to reach them. Perfectionists are happy, when they meet their own standards – whether it is reasonable or not. Being perfect according to one`s own perfection is perfect and fun.  

Things become difficult when perfectionists bring their standards to the world of others; for example as a facilitator. Do other people have the same set of capabilities and talents that might enable them to reach what is required? Are others interested in reaching an admirably crafted result? Or even worse: the other person has another interpretation of perfection. The ultimate nightmare though is, if someone does not like or care about perfection at all.

No matter which position a facilitator is faced with, somehow, people have a fine sense for whether a concept, a service, an idea or speech is appealing or not. Even if one does not share the same taste or opinion, an impeccable performance oozes energy that moves people to become followers.  

And here lays the facilitator`s opportunity. The client might share the facilitator`s interpretation of perfection or not or just does not care about it at all. Yet an impeccable performance that is playful and light and humorous will always win the client and move the objective of the collaborative effort at hand. For the facilitator it is advisable not to stress his or her concept of perfection too much and not to wait for praise for all the hard and refined work. The client`s delight and the smooth flow of the to performing task is reward enough.