Man, Criticism, Self-righteousness, Revenge

Cord Oliver MolthanUnkategorisiert

Can male executives withstand constructive criticism? Can male managers stand it, if they are shown shortcomings, misconduct and/or limits? Do male managers who have acquired a certain degree of responsibility and power in organizations, manage to compare their self-image with the perception of others?

How often does it happen that those who have the courage and respect to say what needs to be improved have an unsettled fate ahead of them? Haven’t leaders learned to use their reason, the ability to reflect and to consider an open exchange as a way to develop their personality? Haven’t leaders learned to cushion feelings of injury and possible depreciation and not to take revenge guided by lower instincts?

Revenge in the entrepreneurial environment often comes in the form of transfer, downgrading, the withdrawal of tasks and possibly the replacement of the person by another, more compliant person. And sometimes it also surfaces as dismissal. This is then usually administered in a detour, as can be expected from a weak person with a desire for revenge. For the leader himself, self-assertion is restored by successfully clearing out the way. Furthermore, the necessity of development is stifled and the next victim is already on hold.

Can men stand criticism? And how do women withstand criticism?

Certain is, that living an unreflected life in a community of people is a hard lot for the community.