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How can companies become more creative?

On 26.09. the Insane Urban Cowboys had invited together with CREATIVE.NRW to the first stop of the “CREATIVE.Spaces exploring Good Work” roadshow in Gelsenkirchen.

New work, agility, work 4.0, creativity, work-life balance and many other terms were mentioned and partly discussed. One idea from the colorful bouquet we especially liked.

Companies often look for a way how creativity can find its way into an organization. The conventional way is to offer employees workshops on creativity techniques and to create a relaxed working environment. (ebay, Google, facebook et cetera…the usual suspects). That evening, the panel discussion participants said that creativity and with it the ability to see things in a different and possibly new light and to get impulses to previously unthought things could be generated through dialogue between artists and employees. What is not meant here is that a company buys art from artists and then decorates its premises with it. Rather, what is meant is that a company invites artists to engage with the purpose of the company, the attitude of its employees, and the way things works. The insights, opinions and perceptions are then discussed in a broad-based dialogue in image and language with all levels of the organisation. In a serious discussion, it may well happen that the discussion reveals different values and worlds of thought and generates creative tensions about words such as business, profit, responsibility, dignity, respect, the environment, people….. . We think that this is a fruitful way to deal with the concept of creativity in business. Like!