Transformation & Culture


Sustainability and Corporate Culture

We develop sustainable corporate cultures by looking at how people behave, speak and work with each other and under what conditions this work takes place. Culture results from the sum of all employees' attitudes and the resulting behavior.

Success, Resistance and Momentum

In our experience, the path of least resistance is promising at the beginning - it creates momentum! For us, this is a question of ingenuity. Because those who are to change should have a positive attitude and as much fun as possible with their change of attitude. The reason is simple: the more benevolent allies or followers there are, the easier and faster it goes. Our goal is the speedy and sustainable creation of a transformation process. In short, effectiveness is our sole aspiration.

If you're serious, here are some questions:

  • What kind of corporate culture is good for your company's success?
  • Why should it change?
  • What support does the culture change has on executive level?
  • How patient and persistent are you in bringing about change?
  • What is your culture change budget?
  • How courageously and consistently do you act when people do not want to support the desired change and oppose it loudly or clandestinely?
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    For us, transformation is multi-layered, imaginative, human, fun, contagious, well-considered, and loaded with flexibility and creativity.
    A linear, predefined and precisely timed process seems questionable to us.