Our competences lie in the areas of thinking, speaking and acting of people. We are concerned with reflecting and developing these skills. These abilities can be prepared in different topics. Here is a selection of our competencies:


How does leadership work? Which leadership style is appropriate? How do I lead colleagues with more work experience? How does leadership work in an international context? When are people ready to follow me? How do I lead a team so that it performs? What coaching techniques does a manager need?

How do I speak effectively? How do I create fair and clear communication? How do I communicate in an intercultural context? Which values underlie my communication? How do I deal with different communication patterns? How do I conduct successful employee conversations? How do I move people in an employee interview? How do I define boundaries and keep them - even in a counter-talk? How do I deal with resistance? How do I resolve Stillstand? How do I defuse conflict situations? How do I avoid conflicts in everyday life?


What am I selling? How do I develop an entrepreneurial attitude as a seller? Is the customer really king? How do I get to eye level? How do I develop a niche for my message? How do I ensure that the customer has a good experience? (Experience design) Should I work on my sales talk or should I rather build up attractiveness for my company, my product and myself? 

Presentations and public speaking

How do I structure a presentation? When does a presentation become good and effective? How do I behave during a presentation? How can I use my personality in a public speech? How does good rhetoric work? How do I establish a connection to my audience? How do I entertain people?

And then we work around the topic of creativity. We design co-creative workshops on the subject of assertiveness for women. We will prepare you for your trade fairs and have ideas, we will fit the trade fair stand and staff well together. And so it goes on.....our wealth of experience is manifold.

All these measures are of course available in German and English and other languages on request.

Our industry experience is:

  • automotive manufactureres
  • automotive supplier
  • aviation and space
  • chemical industry
  • consumer electronics
  • healthcare


  • engineering
  • high tech
  • provincial authorities
  • municipal utilities
  • software 
  • steel
  • telecommunication....
Training, Practice

Training, practice, and simulations

Masters are not born. It takes time and lots of practice to become one. Training therefore provides a combination of theoretical input, demonstration, simulation, and extensive feedback sessions. Simulations and feedback are the most time-intensive parts. These simulations give trainees the opportunity to go through a holistic experience (physical, cognitive, emotional) with respect to what they should or want to achieve.

Simulations and core qualities

Now, simulation is not everybody’s cup of tea. Criticism may be heavy:

  • it’s not a real situation;
  • my simulation counterpart does not understand the role;
  • I cannot do things on the spot or in front of other people;
  • it’s not a natural environment…

........and so on and so forth. And yes, this is understandable, especially if one knows that there is plenty of room for improvement by oneself, and that other people are looking on. The challenge here lies with the trainers and facilitators of such workshops.

In the role of the facilitator, it is mandatory to create a trusting atmosphere and environment carefully, in which people quickly gain the impression that they can try things out in a playful manner without their standing, self-esteem or pride being jeopardized.

In the role of the trainer, it is helpful to look at people from the core qualities perspective of Daniel Ofman. His focus is on what is already there, and how it can be adapted or altered in its intensity to serve the purpose better. And sometimes trainees, in spite of all their resources, might have to take on board a new skill or adopt a different perspective when working with people.