The ideal customer

If it were a tree, it would be an evergreen with a strong trunk and many friends in the forest.

If it were an animal, it would be supple and powerful, always on the prowl, and curious about what lies behind the next hill.

If it were a wine, it would be a fruity white wine that surprises in the finish and goes well with turbot or gyoza.


If it were a taste, it would be hearty and sweet with a hint of Indian cuisine.

If it were music, it would be a blues by Fenton Robinson or Charles Bradley.

If it were water, it would be a mountain stream, cold and cheerful, heading for a waterfall.

If it were wind, it would be a stiff breeze with a lot of salt in the air.

If it were a machine, it would be a highprecisioncuttingmixercookingprocessor.

If it were a landscape, it would show hills and mountains, forests and meadows and viewers could smell the sea.

If it were a feeling, it would be the comforting pain felt in the limbs after good, hard, physical work.

If it were a work of art, it would take a third look to decipher it.

If it were an attraction at the fair: it would be a roller coaster.

And as a human being, it would be a kindly mother-in-law.