Experience Design and Customer Centricity

Customer Centricity
or Customer Centric Thinking

The success of any facilitation exercise always depends on this group of people one works with. What are they able to do? How are they disposed towards the topic? How are they in contact with one another? The head of department might have a wish for the facilitation process, while the people decide whether it will actually happen. Sometimes nothing that has been planned happens, and one might spend the better part of the day discussing the relevance of a certain topic. There the facilitator leaves the topic level and goes to a meta level which becomes another facilitation process in its own right. If this process is constructive and solution-driven – everything is OK.

customer centric

Experience Design and Facilitation

A facilitator works a lot with uncertainty, ambiguity and complexity. One never really knows what will happen and should be prepared to expect the unexpected. If that unexpected crops up, it’s a good thing to have people in the room, who – no matter which way the content level turns – are willing to work in a positive and constructive manner. Creating such an atmosphere is subsumed within the term experience design. Facilitators have the responsibility of designing experiences for their customers in which they can establish contact all around, feel respected and comfortable when voicing their opinions, wishes and concerns, and accept the challenge of working towards finding a solution to the topic at hand. Being well versed in creativity with a treasure chest full of ideas, tools, methods, material and the like is essential in such settings.

Experience Design


Experience Design is the basis of our work. It is our attitude, passion and conviction to design experiences that an individual makes in the interaction man - man and man - machine.

Brief Description of what Experience Design is all about

Experience Design is a discipline that designs products, processes, services, events and environments for people according to clearly defined experience criteria. These criteria are defined by the experience provider. The desired experiences can be positive, constructive, pleasantly irritating or vehemently disturbing. The challenge is that everyone who has an experience with body, mind, soul and heart experiences what the supplier has commissioned and the designers have designed.