Dynamic Facilitation Method

Dynamic Facilitation Method or Creative Facilitation Method
is ideal for facilitators being experience designers and ideators


In the Dynamic Facilitation method, the facilitator takes on several roles at once: he or she is an experience creator, solution provider and ideator. The character of the method is dynamic: creativity is paired with precision, the complex is given structure, unpredictability is imagined in a scenic way. The method is a feast for every serious facilitator and an enrichment for the client. It is our favourite method.


People before logic. Emtions before Content. Dynamics determine structure. Methods are selected according to energy and flow.


A creative solution, that everyone can agree on, in a complex situation, that interests everyone.


  • The willigness of people to engage in the work ahead.
  • The ability of people to first tolerate and then consider other opinions as valuable.
  • The joy of findng common ground in a creative process.
  • The love of people for creativity, ambiguity and complexity.

The process

Process Dynamnic Facilitation method

Inspite of all the freedom in dynamic, creative facilitation the facilitator is bound by topic and time frame. The process must be guided from the beginning to a clearly envisoned goal at the end.

Within this framework several stages or phases are passed through. Phase 1 is always aimed at understanding the issue at hand. As soon as a common understanding is reached the phase of divergent thinking and speaking starts. All opinions are put on the table, everyone is heart. Phase 3 is about structuring emerging ideas and to find patterns and clusters in the multitude of opinions. The last phase, phase 4, sports the challenge to converge or synthezise all the work done so far. Step by step, the facilitator now works towards a solution that is accepted and welcomed by everyone.

So the phases are briefly summarized: analyse - diverge - emerge - converge. Ideally, there will be some time left at the end to polish up the agreed result so it can shine.

Benefits of Dynamic/Creative Facilitation:

- Complex and controversial issues experience the possibility of a free exchange of opinions,

- Concerns and resistance become clear and can be dealt with,

- Opinions, thoughts, feelings are shaken and rearranged in an ongoing exchange,

- All participants are taken into responsibility for process and results,

- The unfolding and the flow following structure offers desirable degrees of freedom for participants and topics

VoC - Voices of Customers

I was lucky of having Cord as facilitator in two trainings. There were meaningful both of them. I really appreciate his ability to get our best and taking us out of our comfort zone, allowing us to know ourselves better.
Anabel, Spain
Extremly creative mind.
Markus, Germany
Thinking I was attending a standard run of the mill two day course was my mistake, as it was anything but. I found Cord to be extremely perceptive, helpful and refreshing.
Michael, South Africa