Development Coaching

Development coaching aims at developing the mindset of a person. The mindset is determined by the experiences a person has lived through and the way s/he has perceived these experiences. Understanding the environment in which a person has grown up, the developments steps s/he has taken, the influences that shaped emotions, behaviour and thoughts patterns are crucial in order to be able to work on development.

Each person has different development goals. Age and culture play an important role in this process. Comparing the aspirations of a 55 years old man with the goals and inclinations of a 25 years young woman will not work. Growing up in Kenya is different to growing up in Switzerland. Development coaching is therefore a holistic exercise in which client and coach work for a lasting mindset change.


Your possible concern or request

A holistic exercise is by definition all-encompassing and therefore colourful. Whatever you have on your mind and whatever you think is worth exploring, can be our topic.

Impact and Timeline of Development Coaching Online

Some people say that coaching online is not as effective as analogue f2f coaching. We have experienced that in virtual space, closeness can be established between client and coach and an emotional space can be created in which an interpersonal trust relationship develops in a short time.

With more than 20 years in development coaching, we have made good experiences in this area.

Coaching Online