Creativity, ideation, dialogue, art, creability


With us you can work on your creativity in two ways.

You can put your company into a creative dialogue with an artist who deals with the what, how and why of your company. This way would be like the picture you see: You look into a mirror. Path number 1.

Path number 2 is called ideation. Here we jpin forces with your employees in order to generate new ideas for your company. We design and facilitate co-creative workshops drawing on your employees' creative potential and also provde impulses from outside. 

Both ways are fruitful and add value.

Diversity, Unifromity

Dialogue, creativity and art


Path number 1

You have a business purpose that you pursue with your workforce in one way or another. You try to maintain a healthy balance between optimizing and innovating. You pursue a vision in your actions, have a mission and may even have given the company a canon of values. Much is defined. Many habits have formed. The spoken and the unspoken determine everyday life.

In order to create an opening here, we offer you the dialogue with an artist. For us, an artist is a person who, with a fresh eye, skeptical spirit, creative verve and the ability to alienate perception, sees things and behaviors that have slipped away from you due to habit.

This artist and his work enter into a broad dialogue with the staff of your company. This dialogue touches, moves and opens opinions, perceptions, reasoning, habits, toughts, and ideas.

Ideation, creativity and creability

Path number 2

The ability to be creative is a characteristic of every human being. We believe in this and work with your employees. Our way to finding ideas has no fixed timetable, just as the ideas you need do not yet have a fixed form. Depending on what you need, we select places and work formats. Depending on the industry in which you are active, we will select the source of inspiration and the material. The space of the creative is not defined and arises when it is entered. What we will definitely do, however, are thorough considerations about “experience design” - in other words, about creating the experiences that people will make on their creative journey.


Creativity and quality

When being creative, the quality of the thing, idea, ware, insight or perspective often lies within that remaining 20 per cent of the effort. Translated into ideas, this means: the first idea is often conventional since it conforms to our mental models and originates from what we have seen, heard or experienced in the past. Idea number two might be a lukewarm alternative that is still heavily influenced by our patterns and our wish to finalize the process of creation within the usual efficiency criteria. This result most probably does not reach a degree of maturity worth implementing. Yet when keeping on and persisting and going over things again and again, and when questioning assumptions for the sixth time and when tackling a mental border that resists our wish to go beyond it, then we might after arduous effort come up with a truly novel piece of work that can be called “creative”. This is our belief: that time and effort and not letting go all foster the quality of creation.