We improve communication be it f2f, virtual, international or in intercultural environments.

  • Talk and not talk.
  • Quiet people and loud people.
  • Complex sentences with many considerations and a short answer to appear assertive.
  • A factual statement which is interpreted emotionally.
  • The clearly pronounced NO of culture 1 is understood as a loss of face in culture 2.
  • Production and sales do not talk to each other, and when they do, they talk about different things.
  • No one has told the shop floor. Once again, they knew nothing about it.
  • The forming of sub-groups within teams and information misused as a tool of power......

...........the list of potential improvements is endless and everlasting.

You call us, we come to you. Our claim: to talk as little as possible. Our goal: to create a solid foundation for mutually accepted communication. Our second goal: everyone is heard and appreciated...even those who never say anything, always criticize like the Dark Lord or spinelessly agree.

When you call us and we comply, we work out together, what you want to work on and how best to do it. Sometimes we are faced with intrapersonal issues. Then we rather work in a coaching mode. We also do this if misunderstandings are interpersonal and only affect two people. On one level up we work with entire teams developing respectful communication and even bring together several teams for this task. The format becomes more complex. And we know intercultural communication very well. That is where we come from. We provide information to understand different mentalities and love to build cultural bridges. (EMEA, APAC, NCSA)

Let us talk, because - as a friend always says - only those who speak up will be heart and supported.