Change and transformation as a topic in organizational environments is well analyzed. There are case studies, ideal change models and processes, catalogues of measures to be taken that promise success. Success meaning that the people affected by change, change their attitudes and behaviors in a however predefined way.

Well there is the question to be asked whether a human being is predictable and whether his or her behavior can be mapped in change models? Does everyone react in the same manner to upcoming changes? Does everyone have the same emotional history? Does everyone have the same capacity to reflect the impact of transformation and to analyses personal consequences?

Designing change in diverse environments is an exciting challenge.

Will I first reassign the CEO’s roofed parking lot next to the main entrance? Do I fire the chef, because bad food doesn't deserve good employees? Will I have removed the big concrete artwork on the lawn in front of HQ because we want to become agile?

Change requires sensitivity and inventiveness. It demands laziness in order to find the path of least resistance. It demands a rough plan in which many actions run parallel and can be adapted at any time. It demands a sense of radar to know where energy and surprise are needed to keep the fun factor seriously high. And it benefits from an optimized resources management to be sure that the resources last till the desired change has been brought to life.

So.....for us change is complex, creative, human, fun, infectious, well thought-out and nurtured by freedom.
A linear, predefined and tightly scheduled process is highly questionable in our experience.