4.0: hurray!

Cord Oliver Molthan industry 4.0

What you read: A company should organize optimal working conditions for work teams so that they can independently use 4.0 technologies, as well as use them effectively and in a health-conscious manner. Reality to be encountered: Coping skills in the functioning of ERP, MES, PLC et aliter are not mastered by everyone in an organization – be it plant operator …

4.0 > easy!

Cord Oliver Molthan industry 4.0

What you read: A manager should promote and use the employees’ own initiative and self-organization for 4.0 processes. Just demanding this with words is not enough. A manager should create conditions that make it attractive to act independently, learn in the work process, face uncertainties, and manage the existing complexity. Reality to be encountered: Independent thinking and acting are two …

4.0 hurray!

Cord Oliver Molthan industry 4.0

What you read: The management team of an industrial company can design and use 4.0 technologies in such a way that the people involved retain control over the systems or know how the systems work and can intervene. Reality to be encountered: The shop floor escalates, managers call experts, troubleshooting begins.  


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Artificial Intelligence and connected products and services are perceived differently from people around the world. Let’s take the example of a robot: for Japanese a robot is a friendly servant, for Chinese it might be a serving friend, Germans treat it like an enemy and Americans as a partner. Question: What do the thought worlds in these cultures look like, …