Business Coaching

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I experienced Cord as a great coach and facilitator as part of a development program. He surprised me continuously with unusual, but very thought-provoking and inspiring approaches. What impressed me most was his ability to understand the situations and recommend multiple options to explore responses/actions, while always giving me the feeling that I was also still setting the direction.
Martin, Germany
Oliver's unique life and work experience, reasoning process, open conversations and relentless dedication, are key to his success as a coach and later friend. His workshops are vibrant, insightful, and actionable as well.
Pedro, Portugal
Thanks Cord for the process and all what we have learned; thanks to your versability and creativity, we have been able to work on the different targets we defined, first on the professional path and afterwards on behavioral topics. I really appreciated that you are always direct and sincere so just what you are looking for when you want a step ahead.
Juan Carlos, Spain

Topics you might want to discuss…..


communication style, image & presence, managerial effectiveness, cross cultural communication, logical & associative reasoning 


creativity, comfort zones, lifestyle and attitude, Weltanschauung, ideation, respect & consideration, expatriate preparation & reintegration


leading & following, start & change situations, leadership style, leadership culture, influence & persuasion


business model, sharpening of profile, career strategies, concept of self, core qualities vs strengths & weaknesses, unearthed potential, interaction patterns

The Objective of Business Coaching

Coaching is a process which transports people from where they are to where they want to be. A business coach provides positive support and feedback on an individual or group basis to improve personal/group effectiveness, performance and leadership in a given business setting. Coaching as support for managers is temporary. It is aimed at achieving a clearly defined change in perspective and behavior.

Often coaching objectives are defined as: enhance this or fine-tune that, improve here and adjust there. It sounds as if a coachee just has to check in at a repair shop to have his or her engine serviced. The work done, she or he drives off into a brighter and more effective future, pleasing all the surrounding onlookers.
As odd as this approach might sound, the comparison is not wrong. Business coaching has a narrower focus than development coaching. Yet focus and a tight timeline will intensify the energies of coachee and coach and increase the chance of success.


Coaching or not?

Coaching is not training (imparting knowledge) or consulting (giving advice, guidance, suggesting solutions) or mentoring (sharing experience and know-how) or psychotherapy (dealing with more psychological aspects).