Facilitator’s ABC: knowing for the sake of knowing

Cord Oliver Molthan facilitation

A = Agnotology The noblest form of knowledge is nonknowledge. To know that one has nonknowledge and in a quality in which one can work with nonknowledge means that one needs a considerable amount of knowledge on the subject of knowledge. Nonknowledge is hard to acquire, since knowledge is the currency with which the value of a person is determined. …

Critical Thinking

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The Probem Everyone thinks. It is our nature to do so. But much of our thinking, left to itself, is biased, distorted, partial, uninformed, or downright prejudiced. Yet, the quality of our life and that of what we produce, make, or build depends precisely on the quality of our thought. Shoddy thinking is costly, both in money and in quality of …

Unexamined life

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What does it mean to live an examined life? By John Dennis, Science and Enlightenment fan “The unexamined life is not worth living” is one of Socrates’ most famous statements from Plato’s Apology. …… In my opinion living an examined life has different meanings for each individual: For Cicero the examined life was a life rooted in honesty and serving …

Customer Experience

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The company is a leading global manufacturer of standard software, services and solutions. His name appears on my phone bill with a monthly amount for a service I purchased. I would like to cancel this service. The number that appears on my phone bill only gives me a busy signal when I call. The reception of the German head office …


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You can’t hear it anymore!! Crisis, virus, pandemic……….enough is enough. And yet here the one or other thought: Thought 1: In recent months our attention has been focused on the way the world society and our small, individual community close to home functions. We have sensed how strong the dependencies between micro- and macrocosm are and what effect, changing one …

Umdenken: complexity

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If complexity and uncertainty are too great for the average educated person in a responsible position, the very same person should have the idea and courage to ask someone who is familiar with the subject. Some ideas: logicians, scenario thinkers, probability calculators, philosophers, complexity researchers, design thinkers…to mention a few. They all exist. Are they heard?

Facilitator’s ABC: how to think

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T = Lateral Thinking Rightness is what matters in vertical thinking. Richness is what matters in lateral thinking. Vertical thinking selects a pathway by excluding other pathways. Lateral thinking does not select but seeks to open up other pathways. With vertical thinking one selects the most promising approach to a problem, the best way of looking at a situation. With …

Start-up together!

Cord Oliver Molthan creativity, facilitation

Will facilitate tonight a think-along-workshop to generate ideas for a start-up. The registrations went well and we have a colorful mixture of people willing to set up shop. Entrepreneurial thinking is second nature to all of them, which probably explains the energy and desire to set sail to new horizons. The workshop design is ready, the goals have been set …

Quality in Coaching

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Went to a coaching event the other day. Lots of coaches in the room. Event was declared as a learning and broaden-your-horizon event. Two lucky ladies were given the opportunity to present their knowledge and a method they like. And they inspired me to think. Thoughts: Coaching is predominantly a language-based process. Should one not clean up one’s own language …


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Artificial Intelligence and connected products and services are perceived differently from people around the world. Let’s take the example of a robot: for Japanese a robot is a friendly servant, for Chinese it might be a serving friend, Germans treat it like an enemy and Americans as a partner. Question: What do the thought worlds in these cultures look like, …


Cord Oliver Molthan attitude

Question: ………. Answer: We have completed the planning for this year. We have selected the topics according to the needs’ analysis. Everything is set for this year. Question: What topics are you looking at? Answer: Agility and New-Thinking. ………..

Facilitator’s ABC: silence

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 L = Listening “I prefer not to tell Mr. B. that a recent study has shown that patients treated by female doctors live longer on average than those treated by male doctors. This is probably because female doctors generally talk less, express themselves more clearly and, above all, listen more and better. On average, female doctors in a trial waited …

Public Speaking

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Popular situation: Information age, information society, flood of information. Discovering new things; learning; accumulating knowledge. Presenting data and turning it into information; conveying messages. The more the better. Speaking in front of people. Keep to the timeframe and tell everything you know. Talk fast. Buzzwords.   Unblown resonance: And then the listeners become restless. Their capacity to absorb has been …

Facilitator’s ABC: Habit and every day is a new day

Cord Oliver Molthan facilitation

H = Habit 6am. Alarm goes off. Yawn. Stretch. Bathroom. Cold shower. Dress. Espresso. Getting ready to leave. Left turn at corner. Red light as always. Usual parking spot taken. Grunt. Morning to everyone. My desk. My screen. Same faces. Routine to-do-list. Lunch. Customers call. Discussion with superior. As predicted. Prepare to leave. Drive home. Some shopping. Run. Eat. Beer. …


Cord Oliver Molthan attitude, creativity, facilitation

John always searches. He searches to find another piece of the puzzle that adds something meaningful to his life. His search happens sometimes under the surface of his awareness. And sometimes he looks for things intentionally and dedicates time and energy to decipher whatever raised his interest. Having done so for a while John has honed his approach. He has …

Facilitator’s ABC: diligence to perform

Cord Oliver Molthan facilitation

Z = Zeal When meeting a group of people and setting out for a journey of discovery and learning, a facilitator never knows what will happen. Asking a simple question early in the morning helps to get a first glimpse into the unknown. The question for example could be: Who of you is here by his or her own free …

Trust & Control

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You can only control, what you make yourself dependent on, what you allow yourself to be controlled by. Ultimately, this means that one can only control oneself, but this, in turn, can only be done by taking a detour via others and others. (Dirk Baecker, Postheroisches Management, Merve Verlag Berlin, 1994, p.54 ff) Testimony: “People must first earn their trust …

Customer Experience

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Company: US American manufacturer of PC Interaction point: Customer service representative for private customers Statement: Customer wishes are not foreseen in our customer service process. Company: German state owned company for passenger transportation Interaction point: Representative at counter in a Central stattion Statement: We only believe you – customer – and your request if you can prove to us that …

Customer Centric

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A French controlled car rental company. Offices everywhere. Went there the other day to rent a car for a few days. Nice car. Competitive price. A few days before the rent started, I received an email reminding me of all the things I should think of before picking up the car. Circumspect, I thought. Then one or two days before …