Attitude influences corporate culture and its success

People's attitudes determine a corporate culture. Corporate culture determines experiences people have in physical and digital interactions with the company's services. The experiences gained influence the attitudes people develop toward an organization. Thus, any work on experiences is work on the corporate culture and, consequently, on the attitudes of employees - from the boss to the cleaner. Because cleaning can also be done with different attitudes ....


Attitude and morality

Every person has an attitude. It can be beneficial to the individual and destructive. It can be admirable or repulsive for the environment of the individual. The moral judgment about an attitude is up to everyone - however, a person without attitude does not exist.

Attitude and scope

The development of an attitude begins with the individual placing himself at the center with his needs, desires, ideas, ideals and drives. Everything starts from the single individual and ends there again. When the development of an attitude is advanced and goes beyond mere self-centeredness, the individual sees himself as part of a community, which can be extended to the human race and, even more broadly, encompasses existence and the foundations of all existence.

Attitude and experience

Man is endowed with cognitive, emotional, sensitive and volitional abilities. With them he encounters the world and with them he rubs up against his reality and gains support and orientation in his life and for his life. He applies these to the interindividual and communal living together. He struggles for what seems good to him. He makes experiences. He learns. He understands that his inner disposition to see the world in a certain way is subject to a constantly changing process. He reflects attitude and adapts it to the circumstances.

Attitude and Weltanschauung

It is possible that attitude initially arises from emotional and sensitive experiences. The individual feels that something is not good or fair. It does not feel comfortable in an interpersonal situation. It hurts to see how people treat each other. The more intense the experiences are, the sooner a worldview develops. And since humans are endowed with the capacity for reason and rationality, they will step by step develop an argumentative construct to support their worldview. An argumentatively presentable attitude is a strong support and makes man appear anchored and possibly wise. This is because his actions are no longer subject to chance, are no longer fickle, and are difficult to direct or lure. Man acts according to his inner necessities in order to strengthen his ego and nourish his eternal striving for the good. .

Working with people means working on attitudes.