Attitude and Company Culture

People's Attitude influence Company Cultures

People's attitudes determine a company culture, so if you want to change an established company culture one has to work on how people think, speak and behave. And one should look carefully at the experiences all people - internal and external - make with any touch points and interaction points the company provides.   


Attitude - Morals - Range

All individuals have their own particular attitudes. These can be beneficial or harmful to the person. They may be admired or rejected by the community. Whatever the moral judgment on an attitude might be, there is no such thing as a person without an attitude.

Its development begins with individuals focusing on their needs, wishes, aspirations and instincts. The individual is the focal point. In this basic model, everything originates and ends right there. In more advanced attitude development, individuals see themselves as part of a wider community that can be extended to the whole human race, and in the broadest terms even encompasses the being and foundations of all existence.


Attitude and Experiences

Human beings are equipped with cognitive, emotional, sensitive and purposeful abilities. With them they face the world and try to attain their reality. They strive to grasp their lives and orient themselves in them and for them. They struggle to attain what seems good to them. They experience. They learn. They define beliefs and apply them to interpersonal relationships and their postures within communities. They experiment and reflect their inner dispositions and understand that everything is subject to constantly changing circumstances. And thus their attitudes change over time.

Attitude and Weltanschauung

Attitudes may initially develop out of emotional and sensitive experiences. Individuals feel that something is not good or not fair. They’re not comfortable in some interpersonal interaction or another. It hurts them to see how people treat each other. The more intense the experiences, the more likely it is that a worldview will develop. And since people are endowed with capacities both for sense and reason, they gradually develop a logic-based argumentative structure to clarify and solidify their worldviews. Attitudes anchored in people`s cognitive, emotional and sensitive abilities and crowned by their purposes have a strong hold on them, because their actions are no longer subject to chance, are no longer random, and they can only be manipulated or persuaded with great difficulty. Individuals act according to their inner necessities, strengthening their egos and fuelling their eternal striving for good.

Working with people means working on attitudes.