ICW facilitators

ICW facilitators, optimism

We are facilitators and coaches.

We think inductively and deductively.

Inductive thinking and experiencing extends our tasks to the roles of
ideator and experience designer.

Deductive thinking has consolidated our attitude.
We are philanthropists and humanists.


Deductive reasoning

In order to be surrounded by motivated people who perform well, an organization and its representatives need orientation. The question of Where to go, the vision, must be clarified. Clear should also be the question of How - a comprehensive How - which tackles the attitude that becomes visible on the way and shapes the way. People who can connect what they do for a living, with who they are perform more readily. These people are called: high performer.
If orientation and attitude are detailed, beneficial work is possible, which culminates in the creation of added value.

Inductive experiencing

When I talk and work with another person, I want to see results afterwards. I want to learn something new, discover a new approach, benefit from the interaction. I want to be challenged and demand motivation and performance. I am looking for orientation. I want to know why I do what I do. And I want a framework for the how.
What I definitely do not want are boring workshops or online meetings, warmed up content and common place messages. All wasted time.
I want to experience something that supports me in what I do and in achieving my goals. And it is okay for me if that experience is uncomfortable.

We change the way people think, act and communicate.
Our aim is to increase engagement.
We work digital, virtual and f2f.



Facilitators design journeys and experiences to enable people to travel from a no longer agreeable A to an envisioned and attractive B.



Change, adapt and be effective... is easliy demanded. The process starts with thorough and honest self reflection - 1to1 or in a group.



Co-creative workshop to learn about different thinking and behavioural patterns. Lots of experience design to create a dynamic environment.