Customer Experience

Customer Experience makes sure that a company’s home-made complexity does not strain its customers‘ nerves. Customer Experiencers research which paths customers follow to engage with an organization and what their expectations are at points of contact and interaction. Processes, structures, attitudes, culture, design and technologies – all these elements should move in step to provide a desirable customer experience.


Customers' physical and digital paths are diverse and intricate. Their intentions and expectations vary. The experience gained is processed both rationally and emotionally, and determines how customers position themselves towards your company: Will they become customers? Will they remain customers? Will they become strategic customers? Will they become partners? Or will they happen to become major international customers? The answers to these questions are determined by how you as a company consciously shape customer experiences.

In our experience, it must be borne in mind that for customers themselves, the customer's path is never complex, let alone complicated. It is what it is, because customers are who they are. Experience also says that customers see an organization with which they interface at several points as a single entity. They are unwilling to differentiate divisions, departments, subsidiaries, and tend to make binary judgments. Additionally customers seldom rise to the aspirations of homo sapiens or economicus in their behavior, and more often than not feel challenged as homo digitalis.


Our customer experience service includes

  • Analysis of the current situation,
  • Design of the target state,
  • Design and moderation of the process for reaching a consensus on desired and necessary adjustments,
  • Graphic and technical implementation of the adjustments on all physical and digital paths followed by customers and
  • Monitoring the success of the adjustments.

In this work, the processes, structures, attitudes, culture, design and technologies of the company are put to the experience test. The result of this work is a cross-functional, holistic approach to customer care and relationship management.