Facilitator’s ABC: Erwartungen

Cord Oliver Molthan attitude, facilitation

Kurz vor neun Uhr morgens. Der Raum füllt sich langsam. Hier und da eine Kaffeetasse in der Hand. Ein Gähnen. Telefone am Ohr. Gegenseitiges Begrüßen. Fokus kommt langsam. Und dann nähert sich der Facilitator Schritt für Schritt dem Thema und – wie als wichtig gelernt in vielen Ausbildungen – fragt die Erwartungen der Teilnehmer:innen ab. Und wie gelernt werden diese …

Facilitator’s ABC: Punkt Faden Bandbreite

Cord Oliver Molthan attitude, facilitation

Ein großer Raum. Einunddreißig Menschen einer Organisation. Viele haben eine lange Betriebszugehörigkeit. Unterschiedliche Abteilungen. Alle der Technologie verbunden. Der große Chef kommt und sagt, warum alle zusammengekommen sind und wohin es gehen soll. Keine Fragen. Kein Unmut. Der große Chef geht. Der Facilitator übernimmt. Begrüßung. Miteinander warm werden. Frage: Wisst Ihr alle, warum Ihr hier seid? Und dann kann sich …

Facilitator’s ABC: Komfortzonen

Cord Oliver Molthan attitude, facilitation

K = Komfortzonen Gebe ich einem web browser den Auftrag nach Komfortzone zu suchen, bekomme ich sehr viele Treffer. Die Produkte, die mir vorgeschlagen werden sind Öfen und Heizungen, Kosmetik, Badzimmerausstattung, gemütliche Textilien und Essen. Alles, was einem Menschen das Gefühl gibt, hier kann ich sein, hier bin ich Mensch, so kann ich bleiben. Behaglich…..vor allem an einem stürmischen Winterabend. …

Facilitator’s ABC: Fülle

Cord Oliver Molthan attitude, facilitation

F = Fülle Es gibt so viel zu tun, sagt ein Plakat der FDP für die Bundestagswahl 2021. Wohl wahr. Es gibt immer viel zu tun, vor allem wenn man etwas weiss oder beherrscht. Themen sind miteinander verwoben, ein Gedanke führt zu einer Assoziation führt zu einer Meinungsäußerung und bevor man es sich versieht, ist ein neues Buch aus dem …


Cord Oliver Molthan attitude

You can’t hear it anymore!! Crisis, virus, pandemic……….enough is enough. And yet here the one or other thought: Thought 1: In recent months our attention has been focused on the way the world society and our small, individual community close to home functions. We have sensed how strong the dependencies between micro- and macrocosm are and what effect, changing one …


Cord Oliver Molthan attitude, digital, industry 4.0

Artificial Intelligence and connected products and services are perceived differently from people around the world. Let’s take the example of a robot: for Japanese a robot is a friendly servant, for Chinese it might be a serving friend, Germans treat it like an enemy and Americans as a partner. Question: What do the thought worlds in these cultures look like, …


Cord Oliver Molthan attitude

Question: ………. Answer: We have completed the planning for this year. We have selected the topics according to the needs’ analysis. Everything is set for this year. Question: What topics are you looking at? Answer: Agility and New-Thinking. ………..

Facilitator’s ABC: silence

Cord Oliver Molthan attitude, facilitation

 L = Listening “I prefer not to tell Mr. B. that a recent study has shown that patients treated by female doctors live longer on average than those treated by male doctors. This is probably because female doctors generally talk less, express themselves more clearly and, above all, listen more and better. On average, female doctors in a trial waited …


Cord Oliver Molthan attitude, creativity, facilitation

John always searches. He searches to find another piece of the puzzle that adds something meaningful to his life. His search happens sometimes under the surface of his awareness. And sometimes he looks for things intentionally and dedicates time and energy to decipher whatever raised his interest. Having done so for a while John has honed his approach. He has …

Trust & Control

Cord Oliver Molthan attitude, facilitation

You can only control, what you make yourself dependent on, what you allow yourself to be controlled by. Ultimately, this means that one can only control oneself, but this, in turn, can only be done by taking a detour via others and others. (Dirk Baecker, Postheroisches Management, Merve Verlag Berlin, 1994, p.54 ff) Testimony: “People must first earn their trust …

Customer Experience

Cord Oliver Molthan attitude

Company: US American manufacturer of PC Interaction point: Customer service representative for private customers Statement: Customer wishes are not foreseen in our customer service process. Company: German state owned company for passenger transportation Interaction point: Representative at counter in a Central stattion Statement: We only believe you – customer – and your request if you can prove to us that …

Customer Centric

Cord Oliver Molthan attitude

A French controlled car rental company. Offices everywhere. Went there the other day to rent a car for a few days. Nice car. Competitive price. A few days before the rent started, I received an email reminding me of all the things I should think of before picking up the car. Circumspect, I thought. Then one or two days before …

Agility & Attitude

Cord Oliver Molthan attitude, leadership

A company can’t will itself to be agile. Agility is an emergent property that appears when an organization has the right mindset, the right skills and the ability to multiply those skills through collaboration. (Marty Neumeier, The Designful Company, 2009, p.21) (http://www.martyneumeier.com/) What are those skills? The most important attitude and skill is servant leadership. What does Robert K. Greenleaf …

Big Data & AI

Cord Oliver Molthan attitude, digital

It is easy to blow the horn of data collectors and analysts. It is exhilarating to see what is possible and what can be improved with the insight into well prepared data. What lay in the dark comes to light and becomes observable, comprehensible and understandable. The more we can collect, the clearer life and the reality surrounding life becomes. …

Man, Criticism, Self-righteousness, Revenge

Cord Oliver Molthan attitude, leadership

Can male executives withstand constructive criticism? Can male managers stand it, if they are shown shortcomings, misconduct and/or limits? Do male managers who have acquired a certain degree of responsibility and power in organizations, manage to compare their self-image with the perception of others? How often does it happen that those who have the courage and respect to say what …


Cord Oliver Molthan attitude, leadership

Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity Ambiguity means that there can be several meanings for one circumstance. So, one is not quite sure which interpretation or which value one can or should assign. To be held in the limbo of alternatives for a certain time, I feel as a process that fires the ability to think and through which creative energies are …

creativity & business

Cord Oliver Molthan attitude, creativity

How can companies become more creative? On 26.09. the Insane Urban Cowboys had invited together with CREATIVE.NRW to the first stop of the “CREATIVE.Spaces exploring Good Work” roadshow in Gelsenkirchen. New work, agility, work 4.0, creativity, work-life balance and many other terms were mentioned and partly discussed. One idea from the colorful bouquet we especially liked. Companies often look for …

work & leisure

Cord Oliver Molthan attitude, leadership

Possibly and for some people already quite certainly the term work represents an outdated concept. And if this is true for work, then it is also true for leisure, isn’t it?


Cord Oliver Molthan attitude, coaching

Filtered through the experience we have made with our perceptions we design a world around us in which we believe to know how things and people are and how they are not. Our unique experience is the basis of our thinking, our demeanor and actions. We assess the demands that the environment places on us based on this narrow experience …